Project experience

  • EDRS - European Data Relay System
    Design and development of the data consolidation and storage system for the Sentinel missions. Read more »
  • QMS - Quality Monitoring System
    Hardware/software solution for MPEG Transport Stream monitoring, ETR 101290 analysis, data decapsulation and IP flow monitoring, including automatic carrier scanning function and a flexible report generator. Read more »
  • CoTV
    Creating TV-contents via "Community TV" using DVB forward and HbbTV return channel
  • YouCache
    Integration of Webcaching-Software in ASTRA2Connect satellite terminals
  • ODG - Open DVB Gateway
    Integrated DVB-S/S2 encapsulator / modulator supporting state-of-the-art encapsulations such as GSE, ULE or MPE and a fully DVB-S/S2 compliant modulator. Read more »
  • SkyPlexNet
    Design and implementation of a Network- Management-Software for SkyPlexNet/HB6 terminals
  • Open DVB Gateway
    Design and realisation of a high-speed encapsulation-hardware supporting SkyPlex and DVB-RCS
  • Envisat
    Design, implementation, and maintenance of the Data Dissemination System (DDS) for the Envisat mission

Customers & cooperations