Areas of assistance

Our long lasting project experience in combination with our knowledge in areas of analysis, specification, design, implementation, integration, testing, training, support, and consulting allows us to offer a wide range of assistance:

Skills to offer

Over the last decade our engineering team gained skills in a wide field of tools, operating systems, programming languages, as well as contributions to standardisation work of which we would like to present you an excerpt:

  • Standards / Standardisation Organisations
    • IETF, DVB, ETSI, HbbTV
      • Co-authoring of ULE (Unidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation) IETF-Standard (RFC4326)
        • Collaborating in the IETF IP/DVB working group
        • Reference implementation of ULE-DVB-stack in the Linux Kernel
      • Contribution to the GSE (Generic Stream Encapsulation) specification (ETSI TS 102 606)
        • Realization of GSE performance benchmarks
        • ESA ARTES 1 study evaluating the application of GSE in DVB standards
      • Definition and implementation of a VCM/ACM QoS scheme („ProACM“) for DVB-S2
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux Kernel- and driver development
  • Programming Languages
    • Skills in various programming languages like
      • C/C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, PERL
    • Linux Shell programming (Bash, Ash)
  • Network
    • Protocol design and implementation
    • IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, SNMP, HTTP
    • Routing, QoS
    • IP Multicast, Reliable Multicast Transport (RMT) XML-RPC
  • Embedded Systems
    • Experiences in cross-compiling, buildroot, uClibc
  • Testing, Analysis
    • Unit Testing (JUnit, Nunit)
    • Continuous integration (e.g. CruiseControl)
    • Building testing environments for automated testing (regressiontests)
    • Definition of test cases and test plans
    • GNU debugger (gdb)
    • Valgrind
    • Remote debugging using gdb fur embedded and Kernel development
  • Software Engineering
    • Procedural and object orientiert programming
    • Object oriented architecture and design
    • Software Design Patterns
    • Unified Modeling Language (UML)